Integrity Locksmiths & Security is now a partner of iLOQ

We are pleased to announce that Integrity Locksmiths & Security is now a partner of iLOQ.

iLOQ is a reputed name in battery free digital locking and mobile access management systems. Their products S5 and S50 are highly secure, scalable and can be used for any kind and size of residential or commercial complexes. 

S5 is a digital key based locking system. It operates battery free, drives power from the kinetic energy of the key movement inside the cylinder. The encrypted access data is transmitted by the microchip inside the key to the cylinder, and on match it releases the latch. As soon as the key is removed the lock is closed.

S50 is a mobile keyless access management system. With a smartphone the access rights can be revoked, or invoked. The access data can be transferred over the air. This makes it an ideal solution for large premises like utility providers, power generation and distributions providers, telecom networks.

 The access data is logged every time a lock is opened. And the log is available for any failed attempt, blocked keys, access time, access rights across all devices before a lock is even opened. 

The administrator can access the logs and  manage the access rights with iLOQ Manage software.

This locking system can further be expanded with iLOQ cloud access management system. The access can be managed remotely. 

As a proud partner, Integrity Locksmiths & Security will sell these iLOQ locking and access systems. And we are committed to provide best in class services, installation of these locking systems. 

You can reach out to us via email, phone for any consultation or query before or after purchase. We can also pay a visit to your premises on your request to help you decide which product is more suitable and what fits better for your requirement.