CLIQ® Go is the perfect solution for small to medium security systems. This new technology is a unique electronic access control solution that allows users to manage security whenever and wherever.

Whether it is for your home or business, security is never a simple matter. You want to make sure that your place is protected from unauthorized people like robbers and trespassers. At the same time, you want the right people to have no problem getting in and out of your business or valuable property.

This is where the CLIQ® Go app comes in handy. It literally allows you to manage your locking system regardless of where you are or what time of the day. You can hand out the keys and give each holder specific access. As long as you have access to the app or the website, you can make the necessary changes and updates. This gives you full control of your locking system even if there are other keyholders.

CLIQ® Go features

Here is a breakdown of the features of this security system.

  • Allows you to control access rights. It doesn’t matter who holds a key. If you have the CLIQ® Go app downloaded on your PC or mobile device, you can choose to give or remove access anytime and anywhere.
  • Provides three different levels of access rights. You can choose to manipulate validity, time schedule, and specific cylinder or door access. Validity means you can set an expiration date for certain keyholders. The time schedule will allow you to control when a lock is accessible or not throughout the day. Finally, the cylinder access will help you give specific door access to keyholders.
  • Blocks lost keys. This is one of the unique features that make this security system one of the best. You can use the app to block specific keys that have been lost, stolen or misplaced.
  • Audit cylinders. This means you can extract audit trails from the cylinders themselves.
  • Convenient updates. If there is a need to remove key holders or add new ones, you can easily manage the updates regardless of where you are.
  • Easy expansion. In case you need to expand the system – like add new cylinders and keys, any local locksmith can make it happen. They can be added to the current system and installed in new doors. This will immediately appear in the CLIQ® Go app.

CLIQ® Go Website and CLIQ® Go Connect Mobile App

This allows you to manage the CLIQ® Go from a PC or mobile device. This can be used instead of or with each other.

In the website,, you need to activate the CLIQ® Go system to log in. The local locksmith that installed it should be able to give you the activation code. You need to activate this immediately, so you can define a specific login password. Take note that activating the system on multiple PCs and mobile devices is possible. However, you only need one password to activate the system on all of them. Just make sure that all of them are secure and exclusive to you or someone authorised by you.

If you need to update any key, you can only do it through the CLIQ Connect app. Any change that you make on CLIQ® Go will be written on the key through CLIQ Connect (both PC and mobile device). It is also important to note that you can update keys directly from the CLIQ Connect mobile app. Just turn on Bluetooth to connect the mobile app with a Bluetooth key. This app is available for both Android and iPhone devices.

What is great about the CLIQ® Go system is the fact that it successfully combines security with convenience. It gives you flexibility and at the same time, full control over key holders, access times and rights. It is truly a great technology to entrust your security in.