AirKey - The simple, smart and secure locking system

Just as dynamic as your business needs

The way we do business has changed and now the way we manage our security has too.

AirKey turns your media into a key

This creates mobility, flexibility, and gives you the power and freedom directly in your hand.

Smart phone


Key tags

Fits into existing door hardware

No wiring, connected power or WiFi needed

Cylinder in the door

With AirKey, all that‘s replaced is the cylinder in your door.

AirKey - Perfect for Small Business & Shared Offices

Secure, new working environment

Architect, marketing agency, and accounting practice under one roof? The locking system in these shared office communities must be as flexible as the shared office itself. All these businesses require different access authorisations, simple application and guaranteed maximum security with regard to access from the outside, but also amongst shared office members.

Businesses with multiple sites

AirKey - Perfect for all applications

Sporting Facilities
Shared Facilities - Such as community halls and strata buildings
Car Dealers - locking gates & key cabinets
Server Racks
Hospitality – Pubs & Clubs

AirKey - The smart features

For iPhone and Android

Be it iPhones or Android
smartphones, AirKey gives you the
choice how to unlock
your doors.


Send your AirKey lock location to
users, perfect for renting
out your holiday house.

Send a key

Simply send electronic keys to
your cleaner, holiday guests, rental
property showcasing as push
notifications. Including
individual texts.

Data Security

End-to-end and SSL-encrypted
data transfers. Secure as
online banking.

Free app For iPhone and Android

Simple and intuitive, that’s the AirKey app. Turn a smartphone into one or more keys for different systems. The app also creates and updates other access media, such as cards or key tags. And it is well protected thanks to an optional pin code.

AirKey online administration

AirKey online administration is the control centre of your AirKey electronic lock. It requires no additional software. It is free of charge to access and manage your AirKey.
The revolutionary AirKey online administration uses a web browser to manage security settings to send access authorisations and revoke access to mobile keys. System information and changes to access authorisations are processed using a system as secure as online banking.
AirKey key credits come in packs of 10, 50 or 100 keys. It‘s so simple – assigning an electronic key uses 1 key credit. That’s all you need to gain access to your door. Also you have the option of purchasing 12 or 36 month unlimited key credits, perfect for your short stay rental property. The electronic key can be time based, so your renters or guests can have access for the duration of their stay.