The BiLock Exclusive is going where no high security key system has gone before.

The Australian Lock Company has already built a reputation for providing high-security products and they have never disappointed anyone. Since 1980, the company has always shown dedication in providing innovative solutions through technologically advanced locks and security systems. With the release of the newest product line, the BiLock Exclusive is on its way to revolutionize what we know of what a key system can provide.

If you want to have peace of mind, you need to own a BiLock key. For the past few decades, it had been the leading brand when it comes to high-security requirements. It is commonly used by Las Vegas casinos, military establishments, international airports, and even the Bank of America and the Royal Australian Mint. If they put their trust in the security and technology provided by the BiLock key, then you know that you should do the same. What is great about this system is the fact that you can use it on the existing lock hardware that you are using. It will keep the costs down and will keep you feeling at ease because it provides a much better security system.

So what makes the BiLock Exclusive so special?

The original BiLock already has 16.8 million combinations. But that is not enough for Master Locksmith Brian Preddey. He came up with the idea of adding 14th and 15th elements to the system. That means 2 new and unique codes. This increases the key control and security that the BiLock Exclusive provides. Since this particular technology is patented until 2034, you can benefit from the fact that there will be no imitation for a very long time.

What makes this key system all the more impressive is the fact that it incorporates high tensile steel components. This provides an anti-drill barrier – making it hard to penetrate the lock and enables it to stay compliant with industry standards. Not only that, there is a variety of keyhead colour options – with up to 22 colour options. This adds to the unique key identity that will compliment your personal preferences when it comes to the security of your property.

Regardless if you have the BiLock security key system or not, you can easily upgrade it to the BiLock Exclusive. It is possible to change the lock core through the Quick Core Change key – even the user can learn how to do this. It doesn’t matter what type of door lock you have. The application is possible for all types of door locks – from padlocks, deadlocks, cam locks, sliding door locks, switch locks, cylinder locks, rim locks, and even cabinet locks. This will reduce costs usually associated with repair and maintenance services. But even if you require professional services, there is a network of 150 agents that you can rely on for a quick installation of the BiLock Exclusive.

Without a doubt, the Australian Lock Company has succeeded in providing us with another benchmark in the industry. With your safety and protection in mind, BiLock Exclusive was created to set the bar high when it comes to security systems. The safety and protection of everyone will always be in good hands.