3KS Plus - Billions of combinations. maximum security

EVVA: 3KS Plus

the ultimate in master key security

When organisations require maximum intrusion resistance and flexibility in a master key system, they choose 3KS Plus.

SCEC approved including SL3 rated products and patented to 2025 master key system that offers billions of combinations for maximum security.

  • Patent protected until 2025 and restricted master key system
  • 133 billion possible key combinations
  • Implement a complex security hierarchy
  • SCEC approved for government facilities
  • Suitble for the harshest environments
  • Australian standard tested; Sc8 AS4145.2 compliant
  • Springless system for longer operational life
  • Anti-intrusion case-hardened components
  • Wear resistant carbide construction
Coding flexibility

EVVA’s unique design generates unmatched key coding flexibility.
3KS Plus provides up to 133 billion possible key combinations – an immense number that allows the implementation of large and complex security hierarchies, while keeping the chance of phantom keys at a minimum.

Complex structure

Not all master key systems have the ability to create a hierarchy of keys to suit the requirements of very large sites. 3KS Plus is designed to provide a highly complex multi-level master key system that can be scaled for future expansion as needed.

Any industry

A master key system to protect any facility in any industry. The 3KS Plus system delivers maximum security and billions of key combinations. This is why it’s the master key system of choice for industries and organisations that demand maximum protection

National network

EVVA 3KS Plus is available through a national dealer network. The network consists of a select group of locksmith companies that have met the strict dealership appointment criteria.


Maximum Security Design

3KS Plus is a maximum security lock system that uses patented technology to eliminate key bumping and minimise intruders’ ability to tamper with, pick, or bypass the lock.

Ease of Use

Rounded key contours and a symmetrical, fully reversible design means 3KS Plus keys can be used in either direction.

Long-Life, Anti-Wear Parts

The combination of a nickel-silver cylinder and carbide components instead of brass is why 3KS Plus locks have been cycle-tested to 100,000 operations.


3KS Plus cylinders suit almost any lock or door, including those of other leading brands.

Three Level Anti-Copy Protection

Patents, controlled protection and the technical complexity of the keys make illicit copying extremely difficult.

Hardened Components

Hardened metal elements provide exceptional resistance to drilling, impact, or plug-pulling attacks.

Low Chance of Phantom Keys

The use of sidebars and sliders means 3KS Plus scales to a huge size without phantom keys compromising security.

Rated Products

EVVA 3KS Plus is SCEC approved including SL3 rated products. Australian Standard approved Sc8 AS4145.2.

3KS Plus - three levels of key control

It is extraordinarily difficult to reverse engineer 3KS Plus. Moreover, 3 separate systems guard against key tampering and illicit copying by staff, visitors or contractors.

01. Controlled Protection

  • It is a requirement that 3KS Plus dealers store their components in a secure location within their business. This must include restricted access for their own staff.
  • In addition, new keys can only be ordered by the system owner by supplying proof of identity that matches the dealer’s record.
  • EVVA 3KS Plus key blanks are only produced at EVVA and the distribution of the keys to authorised dealers is tightly controlled to ensure enhanced security.
  • All master key coding by the dealer must be produced using an approved master key design software.
02. Legal Protection

  • The patent on the 3KS Plus system is valid until 2025. Through patents and licensing, EVVA restricts the manufacture of 3KS Plus keys to a number of authorised dealers.
03. Technical Protection

  • Key machines capable of cutting 3KS Plus are tightly controlled, licenced and require EVVA approval to be enabled to cut 3KS Plus.
  • Unlike many master key systems, key machines are not able to decode the keys.

3KS Plus - one cylinder many details

The 3KS Plus system has a cylinder type to fit almost any common Australian or New Zealand lock. This includes oval cylinders to suit Lockwood, Kaba, Gainsborough, Legge and Astra mortice locks; rim and internal cylinders to suit Lockwood and other brands of deadlocks and deadlatches; fixed and floating cam profile cylinders; and locksets for Schlage, Carbine and Lockwood locksets.
EVVA can also produce cylinders to suit cupboard locks; T&L handles; padlocks; pushlocks and camlocks, plus cylinders for keyswitches and rollerdoor locks.
All EVVA cylinders are cycle tested to at least 100,000 operations. Cylinders also meet the highest standards for corrosion and fire resistance, and can operate normally in temperatures from -20 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius.