The pExtra PXP is a mechanical key system that combines security and sophistication to meet diverse needs. It does not just focus on providing solid protection and security. It also offers convenience through diverse options that range from a simple one-key system to a grand master key system. It can be applied in different ways – building complexes, private homes, and public offices or workplaces.

Key advantages of the pExtra PXP key system

So what makes the pExtra PXP system stand apart?

This key system offers a unique and sophisticated key profiling system that is perfect for both simple and complex security requirements. All of these are pick resistant and include anti-bump and anti-drill protection.

The cylinders used are equipped with an overlapping paracentric key profile and special pins making it extremely pick resistant.

Thanks to the patented system from dormakaba that uses a magnetic pin (centring pin), the cylinders are protected from the bumping method. It is also provided with an additional layer of steel elements that will protect it from drilling methods used in attack.

This system is patented until 2032, ensuring that its state-of-the-art key and lock system will remain confidential and exclusive.

The pExtra PXP key system also uses coloured key inserts to make it convenient and easier for users to identify different keys from each other.

Even if you lose your keys, it will still be safe because this system has the ability to block the lost key as soon as you use your reserve keys. This is a special feature of the pExtra PXP that ensures high security and maximum key control. (by specification or request)

Features and functions that set pExtra PXP apart

When you install the pExtra PXP mechanical key system, you will be given 3 keys to use on the same lock. Use only key 1 and keep keys 2 and 3 as your reserves. In case you lose key 1, you do not have to worry about changing your locks. You simply have to insert key 2 as soon as possible once turned it will render key 1 useless. If the same thing happens to key 2, use key 3 immediately to make the former useless too. Take note that if you use key 3 ahead of key 2, you will automatically block key 2.

This feature provides your key system with 3 lives before you are required to rekey. All three keys can be built into the cylinder by a locksmith while it is being assembled. There are two different wafers that are unique to 2 keys. That means when you use the new keys, the respective wafers will be moved aside, making the lost keys useless.

The pExtra PXP has 5 different functionalities.

  • Key to Differ (KD). Every cylinder can only be opened by an individual key.
  • Keyed Alike (KA). One key can open several cylinders.
  • Maisoned (MAIS). Every key opens its own cylinder and one maisoned entrance cylinder, like the main entrance).
  • Master Key System (MK). Every cylinder can only be opened by its individual key and a master key.
  • Grand Master Key System (GMK). Every cylinder can only be opened by its individual key, a master key, and the grand master key. This means there can be 2 or more master keys within their respective systems and all of these can be opened by a grand master key.

pExtra PXP application

Whether you need a new fit or a retrofit, the pExtra PXP can be applied without difficulty. It offers a wide range of lock types. You can choose among padlocks, cam locks, mortice locks, rim locks, and even furniture locks. Just inquire about the specific lock type that you prefer to find out if this system is applicable. Most likely, it can be applied on any lock type for both residential and commercial properties.

This mechanical key system is also ideal during the construction stage. During Phase 1, a KA is provided to access all cylinders. During the handover stage (Phase 2), the developer key will be used on the cylinder to block the one used during Phase 1.

After the property is sold, the third key is inserted to block the Phase 1 and 2 keys – allowing the new owner exclusive access.

Without a doubt, pExtra PXP has found a way to provide both flexibility and security through their unique and state-of-the-art mechanical key system. This makes it one of the best key systems that can be used for both residential and commercial purposes.