Safes provide a means for storage of valuable items, anything from cash and jewellery to important documents, treasured items and data can be secured in a safe or vault.


Personal – Many households employ the protection of a safe to protect items such as passports, birth certificates and valuables. Selecting the most appropriate safe for individual requirements takes some consideration based on what is to be stored, the level of security required, if fire resistance is required or desired, and most importantly the size that is necessary.

Business and Professional – Businesses and professional institutions use safes and vaults on an everyday basis to assist in mitigating the risk of loss. Safes are used for storage of data and intellectual property for redundant backup requirements. For the protection of valuables such as jewellery, bullion or cash. Safeguarding or priceless items and more, basically anything that requires protecting in an environment to minimise the risk of loss.

Types of safes

Safes offer many features such as fire resistance, heat resistance (for data), security from attacks by drills and oxy torches and brute force, added p[protection of dual locking, dual custody (requiring two authorised personnel to open), time zones, time delay, audit trails, deposit shuts among others.
Safes can be custom made to specific sizes and requirements for specialised applications. Safes are used in an endless variety of situations.


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