Utilities Access System

Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy supply agreements require that customers provide access to their electricity meters for meter reading and emergency personnel.

Do you need a cost effective restricted locking system for your electricity meter boxes, entry gates or metering rooms?

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Utilities Access Cost Effective Restricted Locking System

INTEGRITY supplies the utility access key system for Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy meter reading access as a cost effective way of providing secure access without the expense of moving your electricity meters in both residential and commercial situations. In addition the system can selectively provide access to all or any combination of the following utilities in the one mechanism reducing the need to have multiple locks or key boxes housing access keys.

For enquiries please phone the Utilities Access Call Centre at INTEGRITY on 1300 664 582

Key Features And Benefits

  • The EM Utility Access Restricted Locking System uses ABLOY PROTEC locks which are durable, pick resistant, and protected by worldwide patents.
  • New cylinder construction makes ABLOY PROTEC virtually pick proof. With its smooth, durable and reliable operation that is resistant to both dirt and freezing, the ABLOY PROTEC lock mechanism can be used in many applications. Superior master-keying possibilities are also available.
  • This EM Utility Access Restricted Locking System can also be keyed to allow access by all or any of the following utilities: Sydney Water, Hunter & Central Coast Water, Telstra and GAS, therefore only one locking mechanism is required if you need to provide access for any of these utilities.
  • With a full range of locking options, the EM Utility Access Restricted Locking System can be used for many purposes such as securing meter boxes, entry gates, building entries, metering rooms and enclosures.

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