When it comes to the most innovative and sophisticated keyless locking systems, Cortex® Technology is definitely in the lead. Cortex® offers a Digital Lockset with a standalone electronic access solution.

One of the products that came out of this technology is the Lockwood Cortex® Digital Door Lock. it combines everything that you need when it comes to door locks. You have innovative locking solutions, durability, and a high standard of quality that makes the Lockwood brand one of the best in the market. Combining it with the technology that comes from Cortex®, you get a door lock with an ultra-smooth lever action made possible by an ergonomic Lever: 77A. This digital door lock had been tested on fire door assemblies for up to 2 hours. This is in compliance with the Australian Standard AS1905. 1 2005 – Part1: Fire Resistant Doorsets.

The Lockwood Cortex® Digital Door Lock comes in two functions: the Easy Mode and Advance Mode. You can choose the mode that suits your preference when it comes to the ease of use and level of security.

When you purchase this digital door lock, you get 2 Access Cards and a battery with a maximum of 40,000 operations life. It has an ultra-durable touchscreen that emits low audible tones. Every button on the touchscreen has an ultra-bright LED – making it easier to see the buttons regardless of the light conditions. This screen can also detect Access Cards that are less than 2cm away.

Unlocking that door requires either a Pin Code or a programmed Access Card. Thanks to the technology provided, you can program up to 40 cards and enter 20 different Pin Codes. This allows you to personalize the Pin code and make it easier for users to remember their respective codes. With the use of a Master Code, you can add or remove users as you see fit. This digital door lock also features a function called Cryptic Code – making it hard for someone snooping to figure out what your actual code is.

This home security locking system also features a Dual Security Credential that requires both Card and Pin code to access. Two users are required before the door can be unlocked.

Once unlocked, the door will only stay that way for 5 secs before it locks itself again. However, you can program it to a Delayed Unlocked State to extend it to 15 secs. This makes it easier for those who need more time to enter – like the elderly or those in a wheelchair.

The Time and Date function of the door lock allow you to set a Visitor code that will expire after a predetermined period. This also enables you to set a One-Time Pin that will expire after it is used. Not only that, you can also use it to set the Time Passage Mode that will keep the door unlocked and locked for a specified time.

Without a doubt, the Lockwood Cortex® Digital Door Lock is the epitome of sophistication in keyless locking systems. The safety and security of everyone are worth the investment.