For over 20 years, Christ Mission Possible has been supporting thousands of local Sydney people in need through their weekly food programs and housing solutions that offer crisis accommodation to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. With over 60,000 bed nights a year, the organization is the largest of its kind in New South Wales. In addition to crisis accommodation, Christ Mission Possible pioneered what is now known as Rapid Rehousing. Rapid Rehousing was first launched as a pilot with Housing NSW and St Vincent de Paul Society in 2014 and has quickly become the most effective way of housing people long term in a safe, secure and permanent home.

Their clients include young people, seniors, families, people at risk or experiencing homelessness, people with disabilities and people with mental health challenges. Christ Mission Possible supports them to maintain their tenancies, build relationships and help them reach their full potential.


The organization operates numerous properties throughout Sydney, and one of their largest is a 6-storey apartment block in Penrith CBD. The 44 apartments include family units, as well as crisis and temporary accommodation for single males and females.

Martin Beckett, CEO of Christ Mission Possible explains the need for a more time and cost-effective way to manage access. “We were going through a lot of locks and keys as people lost them, and it was a real headache to manage. Most importantly, we needed a secure building because a lot of our clients come from vulnerable situations such as domestic violence. We wanted these people to feel safe.”

And with resident stays of between one night to a month, the organization needed an access control solution that was not only secure, but flexible as well.


With a need to work within strict budgets, much research was undertaken before SALTO Certified Partner, INTEGRITY Locksmiths & Security, was engaged to deploy a SALTO electronic access control solution.

SALTO XS4 Mini ANSI and XS4 One electronic locks, as well as hard-wired readers were installed throughout the property to control doors in the main entry, apartments, staff offices and elevator. No hard wiring or cabling is needed for SALTO wireless locks. Combined with a great range of features and finishes, the scalable solution uses distributed intelligence in the locks and cards to manage access control requirements easily, whilst eliminating any potential problems with key control. And if key security is breached due to the loss of an access card, it can be instantly deleted from the system without the need or cost of rekeying or changing locks.

Commenting on the suitability of the SALTO solution, INTEGRITY Locksmith & Security’s Business Development Manager, Daniel Walsh says, “SALTO is a very easy solution to install and deploy which makes it ideal for retro-fits. It’s fit-for-purpose and does the job perfectly.”

Tenants have access to the front door through the SALTO system. Their smart card expires on the day they leave so it can’t be handed out to others for access to the building. It also gives them access to the elevator that only takes them to the floor they occupy – females have a floor to themselves, as do male internal room doors where single residents may be sharing accommodation.

Christ Mission Possible is delighted with the time this has saved their busy care takers and workers. “If there’s a situation on site, medical or otherwise, we have an override key to walk into any area to assist without worrying about whether we have the right key. It’s saved a lot of time, and over the long term it will save us money in key replacements,” says Martin.

With any operational change, it’s typical to have concerns about the implementation. For instance, would people lose their access cards? These concerns were quickly allayed.

Martin explains, “People have embraced the new system and we’ve lost far less keys. When you’re homeless and on the streets, the number one thing is to feel safe and secure. So having a card that is theirs – and only theirs – has been incredibly important. It gives everyone a sense of ‘my property’s safe’ and ‘I’m safe while I’m here’. People actually cherish the card, and it’s worked exactly how we’ve wanted it to.”

Alongside the crisis and temporary accommodation, the organization also operates an Airbnb apartment on its own floor. Popular with clients who work locally or at the nearby hospital, Christ Mission Possible simply asks them to download the SALTO JustIN mobile key app to send them their check-in details. It’s been convenient and effective to offer smart phone credentials.

Martin sums it up, “Everyone from INTEGRITY Locksmiths & Security to the SALTO team was phenomenal and did a great job. With a trusted security provider and SALTO Systems you can’t go wrong.”

“People have embraced the new system and we’ve lost far less keys. When you’re homeless and on the streets, the number one thing is to feel safe and secure.”


  • Peace of mind and a sense of ownership for residents: their personal safety and the security of their property is assured
  • Operational efficiencies for staff: the solution saves time and money in gaining access and managing credentials
  • Convenience: Digital keys offer easy access for staff and Airbnb guests